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Hazardous Air Quality – Tips for Surviving Indoors

A New Danger

The year 2020 keeps switching it up for those of us on the West Coast.  With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, many of us have been coping by walking or running outdoors, dining alfresco, hiking, and generally enjoying more of the great outdoors.  Now with the widespread wildfires, our air quality is so compromised, those options are no longer advised.

Tips to Save Your Lungs

The American Lung Association has released a list of tips for keeping as safe as possible while air quality readings are unhealthy, even hazardous.  

  • Check the air quality numbers for your area each morning.  Your phone’s weather app may include air quality, but there are other websites to check: is run by the Environmental Protection has sensors throughout the world, and you can pinpoint your specific location to see the closest sensors’ readings.
  • Do not exercise outdoors when air quality readings are high. If you have indoor home exercise equipment, using that is a better option.  Be aware that if your cardio equipment is in the garage, the air may be worse in that space than in the house.  Do not let your child participate in strenuous sports or activities and limit the amount of time her or she spends playing outdoors.
  • Do not burn wood or trash.  It is still quite hot outside, so many are not thinking of building a fire, but even during winter, the burning of firewood and debris is a major source of particle pollution (soot) in the air.
  • Use electric or hand-powered yard care equipment, not gasoline-powered.
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke inside your home.

Tips to Survive Being Stuck Inside

Because we are largely restricted to indoor spaces for the foreseeable future, it is a good time to start a new Netflix series to binge.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Cobra Kai. For fans of the iconic 80s movie The Karate Kid, this series updates us on the lives of karate rivals Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence and introduces us to their families.  The two seasons of this show were first released on YouTube Premium.  The rights were acquired by Netflix, so all 20 episodes are now available on the streaming service.  The episodes are short and are full of nostalgia and heart.
  • Mindhunter.  For darker sensibilities, Mindhunter has two seasons made up of 19 hour-long episodes.  This series focuses on the behavioral science unit of the FBI (the unit for which Jodi Foster worked in Silence of the Lambs).  Mindhunter features great acting and compelling, creepy stories of 1970s serial killers.
  • G.L.O.W. This lighthearted series has 30 episodes spanning three seasons.  G.L.O.W. stands for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and is another period piece, set in the 1980s.  The G.L.O.W. ladies and the team that surrounds them are true underdogs and misfits, and very easy to root for.  The writing and acting are good, and the series is fast-paced with a lot of humor, just what we need as we sit indoors waiting for fresh air to return.

Watch the trailer for Cobra Kai on YouTube:

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