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Big Rig Collisions May Happen More Often

California highways may be at higher risk of big rig collisions due to a recent ruling made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In a decision announced on December 21, the agency ruled that federal law overruled state laws on when and how truckers work. The decision was in response to a petition by industry to exempt California truck drivers from the rest break and meal rules instituted in the state in 2014 by the Ninth Circuit Court. The court had ruled that truckers should be treated like other employees and be paid for their 30-minute rest and meal breaks and that they could not be on the road driving for more than 11 hours daily.

Rio Linda Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Rio Linda Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A Rio Linda motorcycle accident attorney can help recover financial compensation for bikers who are injured through another’s negligence. Motorcyclists can face debilitating injuries and possibly death. In order to combat this, riders must use as many safety precautions as possible to avoid a collision. Also, motorists must be educated to watch out for motorcycle riders. Let’s take a look at some of the precautions motorcyclists can take when traveling on the highways and secondary roads in the area. We’ll also address the types of injuries that can happen in a crash.

Rio Linda Bicycle Crash. As more people take up bicycling around Sacramento County, a Rio Linda bicycle crash becomes more possible. When an accident happens because of a negligent driver, it isn’t surprising that the bicycle rider suffers the brunt of the injuries in such a collision. Whether using a bicycle just for fun, for traveling to work or for exercise, both motorists and riders can decrease the dangers by observing the rules of the road and watching out for each other.  Learn how to stay safe and prevent accidents.

Impact in a Rio Linda Bicycle Crash


Why You Should File a Police Report

I’m Ed Smith, a Rio Linda Personal Injury Lawyer. When it comes to case documentation, the most valuable resource to explain your accident is a filed police report copy. Having an accurate and precise police report increases your likelihood of receiving compensation for accident-related damage. Some people falsely assume that police reports are not necessary for minor accidents, when in reality, they are crucial to small fender benders. Collisions that result in severe damages are more closely examined by the cops, meaning that more case details go unacknowledged in smaller cases.

How To Make Homemade Spike Strips

Rio Linda Homemade Spike Strip Road Concern

I’m Ed Smith, a Rio Linda Auto Accident Lawyer. Someone has been laying out homemade spike strips along the local roads of Rio Linda. Homemade spike strips not only propose damage to vehicles driving down roadways but can create potential and harmful auto accidents.