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Concerns with How To Make Homemade Spike Strips

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September 11, 2016
Edward Smith

Concerns With How To Make Homemade Spike Strips

Rio Linda Homemade Spike Strip Road Concern

Someone has been laying out homemade spike strips along the local roads of Rio Linda. Homemade spike strips not only propose damage to vehicles driving down roadways but can create potential and harmful auto accidents.

What Happened?

Rio Linda community members are becoming concerned with their roadways being laid with homemade spike strips. According to Rebecca Cothran, she encountered the homemade spike strips while driving down the street. Cothran stated that she has replaced one of the rear back tires of her truck twice in the past week. Cothran replaced her tires after finding nails in them where she later discovered that it was a spike strip. Cothran visited the Rio Linda Online website where she read about five spike strip incidents similar to hers. According to the Fulton-El Camino Park District Sergeant, Adam Bragg, he states that law enforcement has been reposting the Rio Linda Online’s tweets about the spike strips to inform local community members.

Rio Linda Homemade Spike Strip Spotting

Residents of the Rio Linda area have been making reports on their encounters with the spike strips on the roadways. Some of the roads include Elwyn Avenue, Q Street, West 2nd Street, and West U Street. Doug Trievess, a longtime resident of Rio Linda, stated that whoever laid the spike strips on the roadways is attempting to make their point. Trievess believes that the spike strip creator is trying to send a message out to the community to slow down and make complete stops at stop signs. Rio Linda Online’s Facebook webpage contains photos of Rebecca Cothran’s damaged truck tires as a result of the spike strips.

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