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Major Injury Reported in Rio Linda Residential Area

Dirt Bike Accident on Vickrey Court Sends Rider to the Hospital

A major injury happened in Rio Linda on October 23 when a rider on a dirt bike collided with a motor vehicle. The accident was reported to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) around 8:29 in the evening along Vickrey Court, which is a residential area west of Dry Creek Road. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District arrived at the scene to assess the rider’s injuries. The patient was transported to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for additional treatment and evaluation. 

Additional Information About the Major Injury Accident

Police are conducting an investigation into the major injury accident to determine how it occurred. No further information has been released yet as to the condition of the injured rider.

The Legality of Dirt Bikes in California

Following the state’s emission guidelines is necessary for a dirt bike to be legal to use on the streets in California. In addition, dirt bikes that have been made street legal must be equipped with a windshield, lights, horns, brakes, and functional mirrors. Since they are legally certified off-highway vehicles, they have to be compliant certified by the California Air Resource Board. Once the bike is street legal, the owner must also carry insurance coverage the same as any motorist. Riders must also have a Class M license to operate a street-legal dirt bike.

Most Common Injuries on a Dirt Bike

Those who ride dirt bikes like to race them, jump them, and perform stunts, which can lead to accident injuries. When an accident is caused by someone else’s negligence, an experienced injury attorney can help the injured person obtain the compensation they deserve. Some of the most common injuries the dirt bike riders suffer include:

  • Trauma to the knees: This is the number one injury suffered by dirt bike enthusiasts when they receive a major injury in an accident. The anterior cruciate ligament, the one that connects the thighbone to the shin, is the most common injury.
  • Traumatic brain injury: Many riders do not wear a helmet, which can cause a major injury from a fall or crash. 
  • Broken collarbone: When a rider falls from a dirt bike, they may automatically extend their hand to try and break their fall. If the angle of the arm is awkward, it can result in a broken collarbone.
  • Rotator cuff: A rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder joint. 
  • Sprains: The ankles and wrists are frequently sprained in dirt bike accidents. 

Investigating a Dirt Bike Accident

Our experienced investigators go to the site of the major injury accident and uncover the evidence needed to support a client’s compensation claim. This includes:

  • Reviewing the police report for mistakes and interviewing any witnesses to the accident.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction, which can show how the incident happened and point to fault.
  • Just as in any other mode of transportation, a dirt bike may be subject to a design or manufacturing flaw that can lead to a major injury. Our investigators examine the bike for these types of problems. If a defect caused the rider’s injury, a product liability claim may be placed against the manufacturer and others.
  • The investigators check nearby traffic and business surveillance cameras to see if the accident was caught on film.
  • Possible signs of government negligence are sought that might include a malfunctioning traffic signal, potholes, or others.

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