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State and local governments have a responsibility to provide safe, relatively well maintained roads for travel. Although these agencies do not act as insurers of a perfect roadway, they do have a duty to exercise reasonable care to make roads reasonably safe.

If the state or local agency is aware or on notice of a problem in the roadway, and they unreasonably fail to take action to fix the problem after a reasonable time period , they may be liable for damages a motorist suffers as a result.

No auto accident is more tragic than those involving children. It is incumbent upon everyone to act carefully when traveling to ensure that youngsters are protected from harm, whether that means – using proper child safety seats, slowing down in school zones, and keeping an eye out for kids running into the road.

Unfortunately, children throughout the area continue to be harmed in accidents on or near the roadway. In fact, auto accidents remain one of the leading causes of death for young children and teenagers.