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December 24, 2017
Edward Smith

Lincoln Area DUI Campaign

DUI Campaign in Lincoln

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is currently implementing a year-long regional impaired driving campaign in order to eliminate impaired driving and, consequently, to save the lives of those who use local highways.

The CHP Placerville Area Office will be using a federal grant in order to conduct a regional campaign focused on drunk or otherwise intoxicated drivers in El Dorado County. The project began in early October 2017 and will continue until September 30, 2018

Campaign Details

As part of the campaign, the Placerville Area CHP is deploying officers on “enhanced enforcement” patrols. These patrols are focused on local highway US 50, State Routes 193 and 49, and roadways with high accident frequencies across the Placerville Area CHP jurisdiction including Pleasant Valley, Grizzly Flat, Green Valley, and Sly Park roads.

CHP Lieutenant Matthew Stover, the commander of the Placerville Area Office, said in a press release that CHP will be taking an active approach to raising awareness and eliminating driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Stover noted that CHP believes that it will be able to continue reducing the amount of DUI collisions that occur across the county.

Stover reported that the grant is expected to “help keep the momentum going” by getting intoxicated motorists off of the roadways before they cause collisions that could potentially severely injure or even kill those involved.

Multiple Solutions

According to data from CHP’s records, a total of 140 individuals lost their lives in 99 separate auto accidents involving intoxicated motorists on CHP jurisdictional roads in El Dorado County from the beginning of October 2014 throughout the end of September 2015. 

Because of the high incident rate across the county, CHP will be including a public awareness component and community-focused task force in communities across the county as part of the overall campaign. CHP hopes that by highlighting the extent to which this problem affects the area, they will be able to deter area residents from driving while under the influence.

More than Just Booze

The program is funded by a grant provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Local CHP officials have stated that, in cooperation with new efforts from OTS, the campaign will also focus on types of intoxication other than booze such as marijuana and prescription opiates.

Although alcohol is still the most frequent cause of DUI collisions, the dangers of driving on other intoxicating substances are often overlooked. Any substance that slows reaction times, causes a driver to behave erratically or makes a driverless capable of paying attention to the road is dangerous and has the potential to cause fatal accidents.

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