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Dangerous Lincoln Intersections

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December 29, 2017
Edward Smith

Dangerous Lincoln Intersections
Dangerous Lincoln Intersections

I’m Ed Smith, a Lincoln car accident attorney. Although Lincoln is a relatively small city with a population of just about 47,000 people, it still has a fair number of vehicle accidents. As with all cities, accidents in Lincoln can be understood by looking at the particular circumstances under which they happen.

One very common factor involved in car accidents is roadway intersections. For a number of reasons, intersections are more frequently the site of injury-related collisions than other parts of the road. In Lincoln, a few intersections have been the site of more accidents than others.

Intersections Ranked

The intersections in Lincoln near which accidents occur most frequently are listed below next to the number of accidents within 200 feet of the intersection that left individuals with traumatic injuries in the last 8 years.

  • G Street and McBean Park Drive (7 accidents)
  • 7th Street and G Street (6 accidents)
  • 1st Street and G Street at State Route 65 (4 accidents)
  • 1st Street and Joiner Parkway (4 accidents)
  • A Street and McBean Park Drive (3 accidents)
  • D Street and McBean Park Drive (3 accidents)
  • E Street and McBean Park Drive (2 accidents)

What Makes Intersections Dangerous?

It is widely known that intersections can be dangerous places for drivers and pedestrians alike. This is largely because of the simple fact that intersections double the number of directions from which cars can collide with each other. However, some intersections are clearly more dangerous than others.

Intersection Danger Factors

High Volume: The most traffic-filled intersections also tend to be more dangerous. A larger number of pedestrians, bicyclists, trucks, and drivers means a higher number of accident opportunities.

Poor Visibility: Intersections that don’t have good visibility of signage, combined with and oncoming vehicles are considered dangerous. Sometimes vehicles may be hidden by overpasses, elevated areas, or structures making it hard for vehicles to avoid each other. Other times, it is difficult to see traffic signals which can lead to vehicles not knowing when it is safe to drive through the intersection.

Traffic Complications: Intersections can be made more dangerous by factors such as excessive jaywalking, awkward or unexpected road layouts, wildlife, and more. Factors like these can interrupt the normal flow of traffic and contribute to collisions.

Lack of Left-hand Lanes: Drivers making left-hand turns at intersections are very frequently involved in accidents. Left turns involve quick judgment and drivers can easily make mistakes of timing. Left-hand turn lanes can help to assuage these problems and clear up confusion at intersections.

Driving Safely

There are a few things that drivers can do in order to avoid being injured at intersections. One way to stay safe is to slow down gradually well before arriving at an intersection. As stopping at an intersection means being much closer to other vehicles, doing so slowly can help drivers to avoid collisions and stop in time when unexpected circumstances arise.

Another thing that drivers can do is make sure that they leave plenty of room between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them when stopped at intersections. Leaving adequate space can help to stop chain-reaction accidents where cars are pushed into traffic.

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