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California Bicycle Safety

California Bicycle Safety and the “Three Foot Law”

California in general and Davis in particular have been at the cutting-edge of bicycle safety for decades. In fact, some of the bicyclist-friendly infrastructure now commonplace in many cities was introduced in Davis nearly 50 years ago. These infrastructure improvements were adopted primarily to make city streets more accessible and safer for bicyclists. Last year, California once again demonstrated its commitment to bicyclist safety by recently enacting the “Three-Foot-Law,” commonly referred to as “Give Me Three.”

A recent case in Sacramento involved a bicyclist traveling in an industrial area who was struck and killed by a truck at 5:15 AM on Florin Perkins Road. Newspapers and police immediately

opined that the bicyclist must be at fault because she was riding in the early morning and her bike should have had more reflectors. Such rushes to judgment are frequent. They are often also

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