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Typical Injuries Suffered by Construction Workers

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November 28, 2017
Edward Smith

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Typical Injuries Suffered by Construction Workers

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. Construction jobs carry a relatively high risk of injury. Figures compiled by the CDC for 2009 showed that out of 3.3m non-fatal illnesses and injuries reported during the year, over nine percent were faced by construction workers. As many as 22 percent of these illnesses and injuries for construction workers occurred due to falls.

Construction injuries may occur due to a variety of reasons. Some causes are quickly identified, while some others may be obscure. Construction workers should be aware of the types of common injuries, which will enable them to reduce the risk of injury and also identify any previously sustained injuries.


Falls are probably the most common type of injury that construction workers may experience. Falling from ladders, roofs, cranes, or scaffolding are typical construction risks. A construction worker injured in a fall may consider pursuing a claim for Workers’ Compensation. They may also possibly file a personal injury lawsuit against the job contractor, employer or a third party.

Injury from a Falling Object

A heavy object falling from a height can pose risk of injury to a construction worker operating underneath. For instance, construction materials, equipment or tools being used at a higher spot that are not correctly secured may strike a worker. Severe injuries of this type can lead to damage to the spine or the brain, even when the injured worker may have been wearing a hardhat or other proper safety equipment.

Injuries due to Machinery or Equipment

Construction sites often require the use of heavy equipment or machinery, which could sometimes fail or perform dangerously. For instance, a dumpster could suddenly fall over, a forklift could knock shelves or another heavy object over, or a nail gun may be accidentally triggered.

Run Over by a Vehicle

Large trucks are typically used for transportation of materials at construction sites. Workers are at risk of getting run over by large vehicles, particularly when it is backing out of a tight fit. A worker may even get crushed between a wall and a truck. Negligence of the supervisor or the driver may sometimes be the cause of such accidents.

Explosions or Fires

Serious hazards such as exposed electrical wires, inflammable liquids and chemicals, corroded or leaky pipes could result in explosions or fires. While these types of accidents are relatively rarer when compared to various other construction site mishaps, these can have more devastating consequences for the injured worker.

Collapse of a Building

A building under construction or a structure that is being demolished may sometimes collapse without warning. If construction workers are trapped inside, they could be seriously hurt or killed. The same risk exists where a trench is under construction. Sometimes the cause of such an accident may be difficult to determine, but the injured construction worker may still have rightful claim for compensation irrespective of who should be held responsible for the negligence or in what way.

Overexertion Related Injuries

Construction work typically involves hard physical labor. Injuries caused due to overexertion are common in this industry. These may include:

  • Injuries occurring due to repetitive motion
  • Damage to the joint bone or muscles because of overuse
  • Working in hot environments, which may cause a heat stroke, or even damage to the vital organs or death
  • Frostbite or hypothermia, which may occur in extreme cold weather, and could potentially lead to loss of toes or fingers or facial parts

Lead Exposure

If the construction site has unsafe conditions or work practices at the site are not up to the mark, the construction workers may be at a higher risk of lead exposure. A study of cases of heightened lead concentration in the blood from 2002 to 2008 showed that 16 percent of all patients were construction workers.

A worker who may have suffered an injury at their construction site may contact me to ensure that their legal right to workers’ compensation is thoroughly protected.

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