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7 Workplace Injuries That Occur Most Frequently

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December 05, 2017
Edward Smith

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7 Workplace Injuries That Occur Most Frequently

I’m Ed Smith, a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Sacramento . Workers should be aware of some of the most common injuries that may occur during the course of their job. Some of the most common workplace injuries appear below.

Injury from Overexertion

An overexertion related injury could be something as basic as working excessively to the point of extreme physical exhaustion and fatigue. But overexertion injuries more commonly relate to a particular body part becoming highly stressed and eventually suffering damage.

Typical actions at the workplace such as lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, or carrying may result in an overexertion injury over time. Hands, shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, and back are commonly affected by this injury. Muscular strains, ligament tears, and joint dislocations could often occur as an overexertion injury.

Injury from a Fall

Injuries occurring due to a fall do not necessarily mean that the victim fell from a height. In fact, such an event is less common, while more often a fall may simply occur on the ground surface itself. Tripping and falling or slipping and falling are a major cause of workplace injuries, and they can occur very easily without even the slightest of warning.

Something as seemingly harmless electrical cord lying on the floor, or a minor spill that has yet to be cleaned could potentially bring a worker down. Injuries from falls typically include lacerations, fractured bones, and even severe trauma and concussions. Even death!

Injury from Falling from a Height

If a worker falls from a height, it will almost certainly result in an injury. Stools, ladders, boxes, roofs, staircases, and other devices may potentially cause these injuries. The best possible way to prevent these injuries is to take extra care while working on anything that keeps you above the ground. It could be just two feet or fifty feet, but care is vital in each case. Wherever required, the worker should use appropriate safety gear.

Injury from Reaction

It is not uncommon to trip and fall down. The problem is, the pain may not surface until later. In many cases, muscle pulls, torn ligaments, body trauma, or other injuries may occur because of a sudden or instinctive reaction of the body to avoid an injury. For the moment, an individual may feel he or she has managed to avoid an injury due to quick instincts, but more often than not, it may slowly reveal another injury.

Injury from Entanglement with Machinery

Workers who operate close to heavy or moving equipment and machinery at the workplace are at a higher risk of injury occurring from entanglement. Fingers, hair, shoes, clothes, and other things on the worker’s body may get caught around moving parts of a machine, particularly when precautions are not taken. Sometimes a worker may suffer a severed limb.

Protective gear such as special clothing, helmet, gloves, and hair nets may help avoid these injuries. Above all, the workers must be fully trained to operate or work around such heavy equipment and made aware of the risks involved so that they can exercise caution.

Injury from Repetitive Motion

This type of injury occurs silently over an extended period of time. Repetitive performance of even a simple task could result in major wear and tear of the tissue, joints, and muscles. Carpal tunnel injury is a common occurrence among employees who regularly work with computers. Spinal injuries and vision issues may also occur due to jobs involving repetitive motion.

Injury from Falling Object

Any item that has been placed above the ground can potentially fall and land on a worker, resulting in a workers’ compensation injury. Such injuries may occur more commonly in stores and construction sites. The right way to minimize the risk is to secure any object that is placed at a dangerous height and use protective gear while working in such an area.

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