Two Injured, One Missing After Rural Shasta County Car Crash

Two Injured, One Missing Following Rural Shasta County Car Crash

California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that one person is missing, and two suffered serious injuries after a car crash in rural Shasta County. The accident reportedly involved only one car and happened in the very early morning on Monday, February 8, 2021. According to CHP, the two injured parties were hospitalized. As of the latest reports, the third individual had not been located. The crash is under investigation.

Collision Information

Officers reported that the accident happened sometime before 2:00 a.m. on State Route 3, close to Deer Lick Springs Road near the small community of Platina. According to police, a Dodge charger left the highway for unknown reasons and careened 200 feet down a heavily wooded ravine. Further details regarding the circumstances of this traumatic crash have not been reported.

Response and Search

The crash was first reported by a man and woman who arrived at the Trinity General Hospital in Weaverville with major injuries. The pair reported that they had suffered the injuries during the collision, and the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office immediately sent a team to track down the wrecked Dodge.

CHP stated that their officers conducted a thorough search of the crash area while on foot using a Forward Looking Infrared camera system but were not able to find a third individual who the injured pair reported to have been involved in the accident. Additionally, updates on the health conditions of the injured parties have not been provided by medical officials so far.


Police say that they are still attempting to determine the identity of and locate the driver of the vehicle but have been unable to. As their investigation continues, officers have asked for public help, urging anybody with information about the accident or the missing party to contact CHP at (530) 623-3832.

Additionally, police have not yet reported any suspected causes of this collision. Often, collision investigations can be complicated and accidents are often caused by a mix of factors, often including non-driver causes like malfunctioning car parts.

Calling an Attorney

Being injured in a crash can change your life, often resulting in injuries that have long-term effects. Recovering fully from these kinds of injuries can take time and, moreover, is often very expensive. Crash survivors frequently have to pay for physical therapy, surgeries, hospital stays, and much more in order to recover and move forward. Sadly, all of this medical care can add up, and crash survivors are often left with considerable medical expenses.

Because of this, it is important that collision survivors contact a Redding personal injury lawyer in order to get advice about their options for recovering compensation for their injuries. Most lawyers offer free phone consultation, so there’s nothing to lose by getting professional advice.

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