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$45 Million Award Upheld for Atlanta Man Shot in CVS Pharmacy Parking Lot

An appellate court decision in Georgia late in 2021 reiterated significant elements of inadequate security premises liability claims along with affirming a jury verdict of $45 million against CVS. The judgment was awarded to a man who sustained serious and permanent injuries as a result of a shooting incident in the parking lot of an Atlanta-area CVS Pharmacy.

Gunfire Death Prompts Premises Liability Lawsuit for Inadequate Security

A tragic shooting death in an apartment complex in the city of Athens, Georgia (near Atlanta) has prompted the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit based upon premises liability for inadequate security. The shooting and death took place in 2019, and the lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court for Athens-Clarke County on behalf of the family of Auriel Callaway, the victim in the shooting incident.

Violent Incidents Involving Premises Liability on the Rise in 2020

Statistics show a definite increase in crime over the course of 2020. The causes for this are widely debated, but they likely include an increase in poverty resulting from the loss of employment and other economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. One type of crime that has been on the increase is violent acts on shopping malls and large stores. These include violent disputes between individuals, gang versus gang violence, and armed robbery incidents, any of which may devolve into the use of knives, guns, other weapons, and simple fistfights. And far too often, it is the uninvolved, innocent passerby who is injured or killed when this violence breaks out, resulting in potential personal injury or wrongful death claims based upon premises liability for inadequate security.

A Year to Remember

The year 2020 was certainly one for the history books with our news dominated by Covid-19, political divisiveness and a hotly contested election, and popular unrest, marches, and demonstrations. However, all of this has served to reduce attention to something that would have dominated the news in a more normal year — a significant rise in gun violence nationwide.


Conditions Creating Premises Liability

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Premises Liability Attorney. Possessors of land have a duty to people outside the premises to maintain safe conditions. An owner’s negligence or disregard for the safety of others can make them responsible should an accident occur.

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Premises Liability 101

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Premises Liability Attorney. With the recent housing market boom, many people are investing in real estate. If you are a homeowner, landlord, or tenant, the following information on premises liability may be of interest to you.

Cleaning Up Rancho Cordova

Sacramento Tree Crushes Car

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Tree Injury Lawyer. A gigantic tree came crashing down on a BMW parked in the driveway of a home at Merritt Way and Clunie Drive in Sacramento. The owner of the silver luxury sedan indicated that she had recently been in the car with a small child when she forgot something in the house and ran in to get it. She said she left her child strapped into a car seat for just a few moments to retrieve and item. She commented on how quickly a situation can turn deadly. It wasn’t too long after that when a huge tree came down on her car. She, and her child, were not in the car at the time.

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