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Chronic Pain Treatment in California

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August 12, 2019
Edward Smith

Chronic Pain Treatment in California

Chronic pain treatment is one of the most pressing medical issues in the United States today, and California is trying to take the lead on changing the narrative surrounding this debilitating complication. The opioid and narcotic epidemics have occupied a lot of the national media spotlight recently as countless individuals continue to develop dangerous addictions to these medications. Unfortunately, these medications often fail to address the root cause of someone’s chronic pain. Furthermore, addictions to these medications can lead to long-term hospitalizations, stays in the intensive care unit (ICU), and even death. Fortunately, California is trying to implement measures to improve the way that chronic pain is addressed in the state. One of the leading advocacy groups, called For Grace, is trying to change the way this condition is treated, providing hope to the millions of people in this state who are looking for solutions to their discomfort.

A Disconnect Between the Federal Government and the States

There are many government entities and organizations who are trying to address the problem of pain in the United States. While these organizations have their heart in the right place, there is a disconnect between the federal government and the states. Each state has its own individual policy and stance on chronic pain while the federal government (through organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with the Federal Drug Administration) has its own stance. This leads to confusion among individuals who are looking for answers to their pain.

In California, there are advocacy groups who are looking to lead the charge in changing the way that chronic pain is treated. The hope is that if California can improve the success in chronic pain treatment, more states will follow suit. This will lead to an improved attitude in the treatment of long-term pain nationally.

A Pressing Problem: The Institute of Medicine

The medical research has demonstrated that the problem of chronic pain is only continuing to grow. A report published a few years ago by the Institute of Medicine showed that more than 100 million people in this country suffer from some form of chronic pain. About a quarter of these individuals indicated that their quality of life had suffered because of their pain.

This problem is also a serious issue in California. The report also shows that there may be as many as 12 million people living in this state alone who have to deal with pain every day. Fortunately, there are helpful blueprints laid out by medical organizations regarding how to treat chronic pain.

For Grace Spearheads Chronic Pain Treatment

For Grace is hosting educational meetings with the legislators in the California state government to try and change how pain is addressed in this state. The goal will be to educate as many people as possible regarding chronic pain treatment and the many public health issues that this condition presents. The advocacy group is going to try to implement a lot of the National Pain Strategy’s goals, which comes from the health professionals at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Overall, the group is trying to get the government to implement a more comprehensive approach to the treatment of chronic pain by providing alternatives to opioid medications, narcotics, and other addictive substances. Some of the important measures include:

  • Develop a network that focuses on comprehensive, integrative treatment in chronic pain
  • Expand the education surrounding pain management for healthcare providers
  • Set up an efficient network with state agencies to improve coverage and reimbursements for medical costs related to chronic pain
  • Push for a statewide education plan to improve the understanding of chronic pain treatment among California residents

The hope is that individuals and families will learn about the importance of a comprehensive approach to chronic pain treatment. This should reduce the dependence on opioid and narcotic medications, which will, in turn, decrease the frequency of costly hospitalizations, reduce medical costs, and save lives. It will be exciting to see how For Grace and the California state government improve their approach to the treatment of chronic pain in this state.

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