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DO NOT … select an attorney who is does not have specific experience with personal injury cases.  An attorney who does wills, trusts, bankruptcy or real estate will in all likelihood have no experience with personal injury cases.  Personal injury law is complicated and involves many rules and practices unique to the subject. You are risking the value of your claim if you choose an attorney without experience and specialization in personal injury law.

DO NOT select an attorney who does not go to trials, arbitrations, or mediations.  Most attorneys who advertise that they handle personal injury cases have never seen the inside of a courtroom. Having the ability to see a case to trial is important because insurance companies are aggressively trying to save money and their goal is to force a settlement.  If the insurance company is aware that your attorney never goes to trial, they will take advantage of this and make very low offers to settle your case.  An attorney without trial experience is known to be bluffing, which allows the insurance companies to see his bluff.  The attorney without trial experience will pressure  you to accept less once she determines the insurance company is not going to increase its low offer.  If your attorney is unable or unwilling to push the case to trial, and the insurance company is aware of this, it will harm the value of your case.

One of the First issues a personal injury lawyer in California looks at in a dogbite case, is the amount of insurance available.

The responsibility for the dogbite may be very clear, but without adequate insurance there usually isn’t a good chance for recovery.

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