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Arthritis from Hardware Following a Femur Fracture

As people age, their body slows down and changes in certain ways. One of the most common problems that impact the elderly is called arthritis. Unfortunately, arthritis is not only a disease of the elderly. It can also impact people who have suffered premature joint damage. This could occur following a femur fracture that someone may have experienced in an auto accident. According to statistics regarding California drivers that were published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS):


Can a Fractured Femur and Fractured Knee Happen Together?

I’m Ed Smith, a Femur Fracture Attorney in Sacramento. Some fractures are more severe than others and some can occur together. One possible example is a distal fracture of the femur with a patella fracture, which can occur in serious car or truck accident. A recent case report was published describing the treatment and rehabilitation required to recover from such a severe combination of injuries.

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