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Can a Fractured Femur and Fractured Knee Happen Together?


Can a Fractured Femur and Fractured Knee Happen Together?

I’m Ed Smith, a Femur Fracture Attorney in Sacramento. Some fractures are more severe than others and some can occur together. One possible example is a distal fracture of the femur with a patella fracture, which can occur in serious car or truck accident. A recent case report was published describing the treatment and rehabilitation required to recover from such a severe combination of injuries.

What is a Distal Femur Fracture?

Within the world of traumatic injuries, there are numerous types of bone fractures which might occur. They range from open to closed fractures, displaced versus fixed fractures, and everything in between. Near the plateau of the tibia where it meets the knee and the femur, there are two condyles on the inside and outside of the bone. A distal femur fracture often occurs in this location because where all of the bones come together, there are vulnerable spots in the structure of the bone. In addition, there are numerous other structures at risk, including the ACL and PCL. Someone who experiences a distal femur fracture may have trouble walking because of the pain they experience and the swelling that often follows in the knee. What happens if someone has a fracture of their femur and their kneecap?

Mechanism of Injury: A Case Report

A case report was recently published detailing a serious accident that occurred involving a young driver. A college student was traveling down the road at high speeds in the middle of the night. He lost control of this vehicle and collided with an object on the street head-on. The front of his vehicle was rolled up and the driver was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the auto accident. Both of his knees struck the dashboard of his car at a high speed. Emergency services were called to the scene and the driver was extricated from the totaled vehicle. He was quickly evaluated requiring extensive medical care. He was transported to a local hospital where he received multiple imaging scans of his knees. They revealed that he had suffered distal femur fractures with associated fractures of the patella in both legs. He was quickly taken to the operating room where screws and plates were used to immobilize the fractured locations in his tibia and patella.

Legal Assistance with Serious Fractures

When someone experiences a serious break in their leg such as a distal femur fracture, there are numerous issues outside of the realm of medicine that the family will need to think about as well. This includes:

Disability Insurance: Many people who sustain such a serious injury will be unable to work due to an inability to walk during their recovery. An experienced attorney can provide assistance with this.

Physical Therapy Costs: Part of the recovery from this injury often encompasses physical therapy. Some health insurance companies are reluctant to pay for this and could require some motivation from a legal professional.

Negligence: Sometimes, people who suffer this injury in a serious car accident do so at the hands of a negligent driver. If the case proceeds to court, a legal advocate will be invaluable.

Everyone needs a little help during tough times. Please remember that nobody is ever alone, particularly with a caring and compassionate injury lawyer at their side.

Femur Fracture Attorney in Sacramento

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