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Bicyclist Injury Occurs in Traffic Accident in Fair Oaks

A bicyclist was injured in an October 8 accident in Fair Oaks along southbound Fair Oaks Boulevard when a motor vehicle crashed into a number of bicycles. It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that the accident happened just south of Sunrise East Way just before 1:00 in the afternoon. Emergency medical personnel were summoned to the site for reported injuries. One rider was said to be prone in the roadway. The bicyclist injury accident is being investigated by the CHP to determine the cause and assign fault.

Common Bicycle Accident Causes

While motorists may say that a cyclist is responsible for an accident in some cases, the most common bicycle accident causes around Fair Oaks are due to a negligent driver. It has been shown that driver error causes 94 percent of all traffic collisions, and this pertains to crashes with bicyclists too. When a bicyclist in Fair Oaks becomes injured due to a negligent motorist, they are entitled to recover fair compensation for their injuries. Understanding common bicycle accident causes can help a rider be more active in their own safety while riding defensively.

Fair Oaks Bicycle Crash Avoidance

A Fair Oaks bicycle crash, when it occurs with a motor vehicle, can cause severe injuries or even death. As the weather begins to warm around the area, more people will be going out on their bikes to enjoy seeing the sites, going to work and running errands. Because bicycle riders are much less conspicuous on the roads, knowing what to do to avoid accidents with motor vehicles is important. Let’s look at the most common types of accidents and how they occur.