Fair Oaks Bicycle Crash Avoidance

Fair Oaks Bicycle Crash Avoidance

A Fair Oaks bicycle crash, when it occurs with a motor vehicle, can cause severe injuries or even death. As the weather begins to warm around the area, more people will be going out on their bikes to enjoy seeing the sites, going to work and running errands. Because bicycle riders are much less conspicuous on the roads, knowing what to do to avoid accidents with motor vehicles is important. Let’s look at the most common types of accidents and how they occur.

Common Bicycle Accidents

About half of all Fair Oaks bicycle crashes happen when the rider loses control. Accidents that occur between bicycle riders and motor vehicles account for about 20 percent of bike collisions. A study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration came up with these conclusions:

  • Not riding with the traffic: According to the study, about 25 percent of collisions between motor vehicles and bicyclists occur because the rider is going against the traffic. These accidents cause a high number of fatalities and injuries in a Fair Oaks bicycle crash.
  • Traffic lights and stop signs: Motorists who are already stopped at a traffic light or sign proceed ahead without checking for bicycle riders and cause a serious injury. These types of accidents account for 9.7 percent of bicycle crashes.
  • Coming out of a driveway: Motorists who neglect to look for bicycle riders and exit a driveway, side street or alley cause a number of accidents of all types. They are responsible for 5.1 percent of the injuries and fatalities to riders in a Fair Oaks bicycle crash. Most of these types of accidents happen in residential areas.
  • Drivers making a turn: Among the many varieties of car accidents, making a negligent turn is a major cause of an accident. Whether turning left or right, motorists usually say they never saw the bicycle rider before the accident occurred. Driver error when making a left turn accounts for 1.2 percent of bicycle crashes, while right turns represent 4.7 percent.
  • Opening a car door: Motorists who open their car door without looking for bicyclists cause up to 25 percent of accident injuries to riders. Many injured bicycle riders end up at trauma centers every year.

Seeking Advice Following a Fair Oaks Bicycle Crash

When an accident has been caused to a bicycle rider by a motorist or other entity, fair compensation may be sought. Injuries can cause high medical bills, result in lost time from work and other expenses. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer can examine existing evidence and conduct their own investigation to prove fault. By dealing with the insurance company or taking the case to civil court, if necessary, the injured rider can recuperate knowing that the financial end of the accident is covered.

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Fair Oaks Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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