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PG&E Could Face Criminal Charges, Files for Bankruptcy 

California’s largest power company, Pacific Gas and Electric, has filed for bankruptcy amidst hundreds of lawsuits from fire victims in a series of recent wildfires in California. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy was filed in the U.S. District Court for Northern District of California in San Francisco on January 29, 2019.

Camp Fire Hero on a Bulldozer

The fantastic story of a Camp Fire hero recently emerged. It’s about bulldozer operator, Joe Kennedy, age 36 and a Grass Valley resident, who risked his life repeatedly to save others. Kennedy seems uncomfortable with being called a hero, and there are undoubtedly many others who haven’t made the news. However, one of his own acts of heroism was caught on camera by Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Parmley. Parmley himself was trying to assist several nurses who were evacuating on foot from the Feather River Hospital through the flames and smoke. Walking down the road through the poor visibility and foul air, live embers skidding along the road as they sought safety, the group’s survival was threatened. They were hoping for a Camp Fire hero to save them. 

School Bus Driver Saves Children in Paradise

School bus driver Kevin McKay is credited with saving the lives of 22 children in Paradise. McKay, 41,  and teachers Abbie Davis, 29, and Mary Ludwig, 50, remained at the school along with the children after others had been evacuated. McKay had been working at the Ponderosa Elementary School for a few months when the Camp Fire erupted, devastating Paradise and the surrounding area.  Since his family had already been evacuated, he was able to focus exclusively on the crisis at hand. Together, the children, the teachers and McKay boarded the bus to get out of harm’s way.

Utility Company Fire Liability

Utility Company Fire Liability

Utility Company Fire Liability – Accusations of utility company fire liability in the 2017 Cascade Fire in Yuba County were leveled at Pacific Gas and Electric Company in an October report. With this latest investigative claim, PG&E is being held responsible for a total of 16 fires that erupted one year ago in both the Sacramento Valley and the northern bay area. These fires were deadly, killing 44 individuals. According to Cal Fire, the Cascade Fire was started due to sagging power lines owned by the utility company. The Cascade fire alone is responsible for the death of four people, including that of a firefighter, and destroyed 9,089 acres and 264 buildings. With changes in legislation to lessen utility company fire liability, many people who lost everything in the fire are worried about how the changes will affect insurance premiums and their ability to recoup damages.

California Wildfires Hit Taxpayers, Tourism

California Wildfires Hit Taxpayers, Tourism

California Wildfires Hit Taxpayers, Tourism. The 2018 wildfires have devastated the state of California in more ways than one. Not only did the relentless fires claim the lives of dozens of people and destroyed thousands of homes, but the blazes have also affected the state’s colossal tourism industry while striking taxpayers hard.

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