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Falling Tree Accident at Almaden Quicksilver County Park 

A San Jose tree accident injured three women when it fell recently. The women were hiking at Almaden Quicksilver County Park when the oak crashed down, trapping the three women underneath sometime before 10:00 a.m., according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. The injured women were transported by first responders to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Two suffered moderate injuries while the trauma to the third was considered minor. 

Tragedy at Slide Hill Park in Davis

On Tuesday morning, a tragic event occurred at Slide Hill Park in Davis, California.  Following a series of winter wind storms, many trees in Northern California were left with weakened limbs, and not all of the affected trees have been inspected and trimmed.  Tuesday brought sustained 20-30 mph winds to the area, and this combination of factors may have been the reason why a 20-foot long limb fell from an Evergreen Ash tree, striking and killing a woman who had brought her three-year-old child to the nature area.  The child escaped physical injury.  

Dangerous Falling Trees and Branches

Each year in California, falling trees and branches cause property damage, injuries, and even deaths.  The phenomenon is so prevalent that the dramatic term “widowmaker” has been coined by the forestry industry to describe a detached or dead branch hanging in a tree.  Because of potential liability associated with owning a property with large trees, many homeowners choose to have their trees cut down.  This may not be the best course of action if the tree is healthy.  Some trees are protected by law, and having a large tree on your land can significantly increase the property value.  In sunny regions such as Los Angeles, the shade a large tree provides can translate into hundreds of dollars in savings in air conditioning costs each year.

Hazardous Trees Causing Problems in Sacramento County

Hazardous trees are causing problems in Sacramento County due to the recent inclement weather. Storms have caused both trees and tree limbs to fall. It has also led to power outages and in some areas, flooding. As trees are uprooted, the chances of danger to residents are increased. In locations along the American River Parkway, 31 trees have been recognized as hazardous, and park officials are saying they will have to be removed. 

Fallen Trees Create Problems in Citrus Heights

Reports of fallen trees have kept crews busy in Citrus Heights lately as local resident, Linda Powers, knows only too well. An enormous 200-foot-tall pine tree crashed down on her property on February 27 in the middle of the night. She heard it and believed it was thunder but found out otherwise in the morning when she discovered her tree had fallen, causing minor damage to her Jeep and tearing the property’s sprinkler system and fence out of the soil. Thank goodness, the tree missed landing on the house, and no one was injured.


Falling Tree Hazards

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Tree Injury Lawyer. A falling tree can have devastating consequences with loss of property, traumatic injuries, and wrongful death. Knowing your rights and having a qualified personal injury attorney after a falling tree incident can help you recover damages.

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