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February 28, 2023
Edward Smith

Clovis Woman Injured by Falling Tree Branch on Villa Avenue

A Clovis woman was injured on February 21 when she was struck by a falling tree branch. The accident happened along Villa Avenue between Shaw and West Santa Ana avenues in the evening hours. The Clovis Police Department reported that the woman was on foot with her two children under a tree when she heard the limb snap. Although she tried to run, the limb hit her but fortunately missed the children. The injured woman was taken to a nearby hospital, where it was determined she had suffered minor injuries. 

Possible Responsible Parties When a Tree Limb Causes an Injury in California

In California, if someone is injured by a falling tree branch, the responsible party can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Generally speaking, the landowner of the property where the tree is located may be held liable for any damage or injuries caused by it if negligence is involved. This includes homeowners as well as businesses who are occupying or maintaining the premises.

Liability in a Falling Tree Branch Accident Has to Be Determined

Sometimes, a neighbor or other third party may be liable for injuries caused by an overhanging tree limb. For instance, if the landowner of the property where the tree is located had been informed that it posed a hazard to pedestrians and failed to act in a timely manner, then they could be held liable for any resulting injuries. 

In addition, someone who had recently trimmed or pruned a tree may also be held responsible for any damage caused by an overhanging limb. Finally, there may be instances where a government entity or utility company responsible for maintaining trees near public areas could be held liable for injury caused by an overhanging tree limb.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

In all cases, it is important to contact an experienced attorney who can assess the situation and determine which party may be responsible for the negligent behavior that led to the falling tree branch injury. An attorney can also determine if the responsible party is liable for damages such as medical bills and more. With their help, victims of a tree limb injury can seek justice and the compensation they deserve.

The lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company of the at-fault party to help you get the compensation that you deserve. If the insurance company refuses to take responsibility or won’t pay fair compensation to that injured party, taking legal action may be necessary in order to ensure that they receive justice and appropriate compensation.

California Tree Accident Lawyer

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