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Tragedy at Slide Hill Park in Davis

On Tuesday morning, a tragic event occurred at Slide Hill Park in Davis, California.  Following a series of winter wind storms, many trees in Northern California were left with weakened limbs, and not all of the affected trees have been inspected and trimmed.  Tuesday brought sustained 20-30 mph winds to the area, and this combination of factors may have been the reason why a 20-foot long limb fell from an Evergreen Ash tree, striking and killing a woman who had brought her three-year-old child to the nature area.  The child escaped physical injury.  

Stormy Weather in the U.S. Brings Tree Fall Fatalities

While Northern California is enjoying sunny summer weather, large portions of the country have been experiencing stormy conditions in early August related to Tropical Storm Isaias.  One particular danger that such heavy storms can bring is that of falling trees.  The first week of August brought a tragic spate of tree fall fatalities.

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