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How to Prevent Swimming Pool Electrocutions

Incidents of pool electrocution are on the rise and can occur anywhere from in the water to metal within five feet of the area, including ladders and handrails. In most cases, the electrocution occurs because of faulty bonding, wiring, grounding, or a combination of those areas. Pool electrocution accidents not only happen in swimming pools but can occur in spas or hot tubs. Safety measures to prevent such accidents are important to safeguard the lives of your loved ones and visitors.

hot tubs and alcohol
California residents leads the nation in hot tub ownership.  Knowing that, it is therefore no surprise that statistically Californian’s are also three times more likely to drown in a hot tub than residents of any other state.

Despite California being the leading owners of hot tubs a study prepared by Scripps Howard News service reviewed the mortality records from the years of 1999 to 2003 and found that states such as Wyoming and New Mexico had an unusually high reporting of death due to drownings.  In most of these hot tub fatalities, alcohol was involved.

Liability in swimming pool drowning or swimming pool injury cases will inevitably involve the question of supervision at the time of injury or drowning, especially in cases involving children.

Below are some tips that can reduce the risk of drowning or swimming pool injury.

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