Woman in Critical Condition after Redding Crash


Woman in Critical Condition after Redding Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Redding personal injury lawyer. On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, a local traffic accident left one woman with significant injuries. Redding Police Department (RPD) responded to the crash. RPD reports that the crash happened in the early night on the southeastern side of Redding. On Thursday, June 14, hospital officials stated that the woman remained in critical condition at the Redding Mercy Medical Center. Authorities have not been able to identify the injured woman but reported that she may be around 60-years-old. No further updates on the woman’s identity or condition have been published so far.

Collision Details

According to RPD reports, this accident took place at about 8:00 p.m at the intersection of Hartnell Avenue and Bechelli Lane about one mile east of the Sacramento River. RPD stated that a 39-year-old Redding woman had been driving a pickup truck northbound on Bechelli and entered the intersection to turn west out of a roadway turn pocket. RPD noted that the driver had entered the intersection while she had a green light.

Before the driver began to turn, a pedestrian had been standing on the sidewalk at the northwestern corner of the intersection. Just as the truck entered the intersection, the pedestrian began to cross the roadway to walk south along Hartnell Avenue. RPD officers say that the pedestrian had not been walking in a crosswalk. The truck driver did not stop her vehicle in time to avoid the woman, who was struck inside of the intersection.


RPD was notified about a crash directly after it occurred and sent officials to respond immediately. Medics found a pedestrian at the crash scene with serious injuries. Responders had her rushed to a hospital by ambulance and reported that she had received major trauma to her head. Responders also said that they suspect the woman had been struck while the vehicle was traveling at around 20 miles per hour.

Causal Factors

RPD says that they are still in the process of investigating this crash. The driver of the truck was tested for alcohol, and drug intoxication at the accident scene and police determined that she had not been under the influence. No additional accident factors have been mentioned by authorities.

RPD has also asked that anybody with information about either the accident or the identity of the injured pedestrian contact the Traffic Unit of the Redding Police Department by calling (530) 225-4200.

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