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February 14, 2023
Edward Smith

Accident on River Road Causes Five Fatalities and Driver Flees Scene

A multiple fatality accident occurred near Clarksburg on February 9, and the lone survivor allegedly stole another vehicle and fled the scene. The accident happened along Highway 160 south of the Freeport Bridge around 5:27 p.m. The driver reportedly veered off the roadway in an older Cadillac Escalade while heading north on the highway area known as River Road, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and struck a tree, which caused five people in the car to be ejected. All five died in the collision.

Driver Flees Scene of Multiple Fatality Accident

The driver in the crash stole a Volkswagen and fled the scene of the fatality accident. He was pursued by the CHP initially and then by officers with the Elk Grove Police Department once he reached the city limits. The Volkswagen was abandoned by the driver, and he fled on foot. He was then arrested by Elk Grove police and identified as a Sacramento resident, age 29. The driver faces multiple charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while under the influence and hit-and-run resulting in injuries or fatalities.

Names of the Deceased Released

The adults who died in the Cadillac collision were identified as 29-year-old Sacramento resident Monte Nunn, a 19-year-old Sacramento woman, and an 18-year-old woman.

A 17-year-old juvenile and a 16-year-old juvenile from Sacramento also died as a result of the crash. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Garcia family to assist with final resting costs. 

Wrongful Death Claim Compensation

The family of the deceased or the estate representative may be able to recover compensation for the damages caused by wrongful death due to a fatality accident if it was caused by negligence:

  • Salary and other employment benefits such as bonuses that a deceased loved one would have received until retirement age can be recovered. Other monetary benefits include insurance and pension. 
  • Beneficiaries can claim the amount they would have received in inheritance if the decedent had lived.
  • The surviving spouse can claim damages for the loss of consortium and care lost by the death of a loved one.
  • Funeral and burial expenses can be recouped.
  • As a result of the fatal accident, the children have lost the guidance and mentoring they received from the deceased. They can sue for damages.
  • In the case of work around the home such as lawn care and vehicle maintenance, people must be paid to do the work that is normally done by the deceased.
  • A survival action may be filed if the decedent did not die immediately in the fatal accident. Survival actions are not filed on behalf of a deceased individual’s family, but on behalf of the individual themselves. The deceased’s pain and suffering are also recoverable in damages, in addition to the medical bills incurred after the accident.
  • The family may ask for punitive damages if the loved one’s fatal accident was caused by egregious conduct or was intentional. Punitive damages aim to punish those responsible for devastating accidents and prevent future incidents.  

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Sacramento

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