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Broken Femur from a Serious Car Crash

It’s not unusual for people to suffer a broken bone or two, particularly during childhood. Some kids may slip and fall on a pool deck. Other people may take a wild jump off of a trampoline or fall out of a tree. While broken wrists and arms are common, a broken femur is relatively uncommon. This is because the femur is one of the largest, thickest, and strongest bones in the human body. A broken femur requires a tremendous amount of force, such as that sustained in a serious car accident.

Pelvic Bone Fracture

Pelvic Bone Fracture

Most people understand that car accidents are a risk that comes along with driving. Whether it’s due to distracted driving, speeding, or a blinding sun, sometimes one car will rear-end another car. Other times, cars swerve off of the road and wind up striking a tree, light pole, or barrier. When a car comes to a sudden stop, the front of the car can collapse on impact. If the front of the car crumbles, people with their legs straightened at the front of the car can wind up sustaining a traumatic injury known as a pelvic bone fracture. This is a serious injury that warrants immediate medical attention.

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