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Roundup™ Free Foods Appear on Shelves

While over 11,000 Roundup™ cancer lawsuits are being filed against Monsanto, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explore Roundup free foods and look at the amount consumed every day in food and drinks. Recent reports citing the presence of Roundup in breakfast cereals, beer and wine attest to the reality that, for most of us, Roundup is an ever-present factor in our diets. Consumers are faced with a difficult decision when shopping since most packaged products from Cheerios to beer contain a fair amount of Roundup. Large lawsuits such as the DeWayne Johnson case, which ended in an award of $289 million for the groundskeeper in California who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Roundup are a testament to the need for consumers to trust their own intuition.