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Rollover crashes remain one of the most deadliest of collisions.  One of the reasons they remain so deadly is due to roof crushing that occurs after the rollover.

In some cases, the fatality occurs when the roof of the vehicle hits the ground,  crushes inward toward the vehicle occupants and strikes them.  The other scenario that occurs with roof crushing is the windows, windshields or doors break or open up when the roof hits the ground.. The now deformed shape of a vehicle has wide gaps that can cause the vehicle occupants to be ejected from the vehicle.

Head injuries are a common cause of death in motor vehicle accidents. They often result from unbelted drivers or passengers who are ejected from the vehicle. These head injuries also occur to seat-belted passengers or even the driver when stuck directly, usually with a bigger vehicle such as an SUV or truck. Pedestrians can be struck by a motor vehicle and this can also lead to a head injury.

In the US, someone sustains a traumatic brain injury every 23 seconds. This is about 2 million people per year. Three hundred thousand people will need to be hospitalized because of head injuries and 99,000 will have a long lasting disability. A total of 56,000 people will die in the US per year. About 34 percent of all injuries resulting in death are due to a head injury.

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