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Tips on Dog Bite Injuries in California

Tips on Dog Bite Injuries in California

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova dog bite lawyer. Dog bites are common with around 4.5 million injuries each year. Over half of those dog bite injuries happen at home with dogs that are part of the family. However, the rest occur in public or private settings and are dogs owned by others. Understanding the rights of those bitten or injured by dogs in California is essential.

How to Correct Problematic Dog Behavior

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova Dog Bite Lawyer. There are some dog behavior habits that you want to get rid of while the dog is still a puppy. However, in some cases this may not always be possible. Let’s say you decide to adopt an older dog, or maybe you rescue a dog from a family member or friend who can no longer take care of them. Regardless of how you ended up with an adult dog that has some bad habits, most pet owners would like to train their dog to avoid mouthing, nipping, and play-biting.

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