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Associated Risks with Dog Bite Injuries

As more and more Californians are choosing to purchase or adopt a canine friend, the risk of suffering a dog bite is also increasing. Data on pet ownership shows that over 65 percent of Americans own a pet, and many of these are dogs. While the majority of dogs are friendly and not aggressive, any dog can bite under the wrong circumstances. Millions of dog bite injuries are suffered in the United States every year. Learning more about the danger of dog bites can help you to reduce your risk of suffering an injury.

Serious Dog Bite Injury Statistics

Many people have a hard time imagining that their pet could be dangerous. However, the CDC reports that nearly 5 million Americans suffer a dog bite injury every year, resulting in 800,000 injuries requiring medical attention. While most of these bites are not life-threatening, the trauma that dog attacks cause can sometimes cost people their lives and many people are left with injuries that affect them for long periods of time. Because dog bites can be so serious, it’s important to know about when and why dogs tend to attack and how to protect yourself if you are threatened by an aggressive dog.

Placerville Dog Bite Injuries

The majority of dog bite injuries are relatively minor. However, some are more serious and can cause devastating injuries that result in emotional trauma, physical handicaps, and disfigurement. These injuries often require extensive medical treatment and can dramatically affect a person’s life. On top of damage from the injury, dog bites can easily become infected, causing more damage than the initial bite itself. Complications resulting from bite injuries can even be fatal in the most severe cases. Understanding the necessity of immediate medical care for dog bites is often a vital part of recovery.

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