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Dog Bites and Associated Risks

Associated Risks with Dog Bite Injuries

As more and more Californians are choosing to purchase or adopt a canine friend, the risk of suffering a dog bite is also increasing. Data on pet ownership shows that over 65 percent of Americans own a pet, and many of these are dogs. While the majority of dogs are friendly and not aggressive, any dog can bite under the wrong circumstances. Millions of dog bite injuries are suffered in the United States every year. Learning more about the danger of dog bites can help you to reduce your risk of suffering an injury.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Not every dog bite is caused by aggressive behavior. Bites can happen when dogs are feeling playful, afraid, or nervous. Dogs can also sometimes bite if they are feeling territorial. Knowing the signs that indicate that a dog might bite can be important in avoiding injuries. The ASPCA has put together a list of warning signs that indicate a dog may bite:

  • The dog is baring its teeth, snarling, or growling
  • The dog’s body or tail are stiff
  • The dog is holding eye contact with you
  • The dog is either backing away or crouched down
  • The dog’s ears are laid back on its head or perked forward instead of looking relaxed and natural
  • The dog is raising its shoulders, neck, or back
  • The tail is tucked underneath its body, possibly indicating fear

What Are California’s Dog Bite Laws

In California, there are strict liability laws regarding dog owners and liability in the case of a bite. This law is detailed under California Civil Code 3342 and holds dog owners responsible for the injuries their pets cause in both public and private places. However, there are a few circumstances that can disallow people from claiming compensation. These include provoking the animal to bite, trespassing, knowing that the dog bite is a risk factor of your workplace, and more. To learn more about dog bite injuries and claiming compensation, the best thing to do is to talk with an experienced Placerville dog bite lawyer about your case.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

A personal injury lawyer who has experience handling cases involving dog bites can review the evidence of your case and conduct their own investigations in order to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve for your injury damages. By filing a personal injury claim, dog bite survivors can often recover money for medical bills, lost wages, mental trauma, and other expenses related to the attack. However, not every case requires help from an attorney. If you’d like some more information about why you may need help from an attorney, check out the below video:

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