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The Management of Phantom Limb Following Amputation Surgery

The Management of Phantom Limb Following Amputation Surgery

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Amputation Injury Lawyer. For patients who are undergoing amputations, they are likely worried about the upcoming surgery. Once the surgery has been completed, they will likely need a significant amount of physical therapy. This could be inhibited by the development of something called a phantom limb, a potential complication that every patient should keep in mind.


Post amputation of a limb,  the human brain may create a neuromatrix.  This neuromatrix  in the brain can  cause the person who lost their limb to experience ‘phantom limbs.’ Like the movie franchised Matrix films, the brain is only perceiving the ‘phantom limb’ and/or any  pain and sensations they believe to be coming from where their lost limb was.

 This phenomena is still not completely understood. Nonetheless, it is real and is evidenced in hundreds of thousands of amputees.

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