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Common Myths Associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Common Myths Associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer. The human brain is a complex component of the human body. Even today, doctors and scientists have more questions than answers concerning how the brain functions when it is healthy and when it is injured. Given this lack of understanding amongst members of the medical and scientific community, it should be no surprise that individuals who lack a medical or scientific background also do not fully grasp the complexities of the brain. This lack of understanding and information about the brain and how it is impacted by injuries has led to the creation and circulation of numerous myths regarding traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

These myths are not harmless: a TBI patient or his or her family members who hold to these myths may mistakenly accept settlements or compensation for their injuries that are far less than what they could obtain had they been properly informed. It is always advisable that you and/or your family speak with a Davis TBI attorney as soon as possible after a TBI injury to learn about your legal rights and how best to protect them.

Common Myths Regarding TBIs

Although it is unclear where or how many of these myths began, they have been repeated numerous times and spread across the country. It is important to separate myth from fact when it comes to TBI injuries: only then can you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with a TBI injury lawsuit or attempt to resolve your injury dispute through an alternative means. In addition, believing a myth regarding TBIs can lead you to forego necessary medical treatment and fail to properly protect your legal interests. Continue reading ›

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