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Truck Driver Licensing Covers the Basics

Commercial vehicles are typically large, heavy, and much more difficult to control than passenger vehicles. Some of this is due to the simple physics of operating a 2-ton passenger car as compared to a 40-ton, fully-loaded tractor-trailer — it takes much, much longer to get the bigger vehicle up to speed and correspondingly longer to bring it to a stop. But commercial vehicles are typically much more complicated to maneuver and control, as well. It has long been recognized that these differences result in a much greater need to certify that commercial vehicle drivers have been properly trained and prepared to be on our roadways. Commercial driver licensing, as implemented under federal and state requirements and certification, is the first step in validating the skills of new truck drivers and in monitoring the driving records of experienced drivers. If a truck accident occurs and results in injuries or even death, an experienced personal injury attorney will know to review the status of the commercial driver’s licensing and license record as one important element in determining liability on the part of the truck driver or trucking carrier if problems are found.

Where and How Truck Driver Work Hour Limits Apply

It has long been known that driver fatigue is a major factor in causing motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities for drivers of all types. It is especially true, however, for commercial vehicle operators — truck drivers and bus drivers — who have strong economic incentives to keep on the road for longer hours than may be safe. Time truly is money for these drivers and for the commercial carrier companies who employ them — a tractor-trailer rig isn’t making money while parked at a truck stop and a passenger bus isn’t earning anything while sitting still at a bus terminal. Rules have therefore been established and periodically updated that limit the “hours of service” for commercial vehicle drivers in order to increase roadway safety. When an accident involving a truck or bus occurs that results in serious injuries or even death, an experienced personal injury attorney will know to focus on whether and how the hours of service limitations applied to the involved driver. This can point directly to evidence establishing liability on the part of drivers and the trucking carrier or bus company that employed them.

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