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January 17, 2023
Edward Smith

Traffic Crash on State Route 14 Involves Pedestrian and Motor Vehicle

A traffic crash involving a pedestrian occurred southeast of Red Bluff on January 14, resulting in a major injury. The accident occurred along State Route 99 at Rumiano Curves north of Vina Road around 4:10 a.m. A major injury occurred in the collision, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Authorities Investigating Cause of Pedestrian Traffic Crash

The patient was transported by fire department medics to a nearby hospital, admitted and taken into surgery. The cause of the collision and fault is being investigated by the CHP.

Vehicle-Pedestrian Collisions and Their Seriousness

There are many types of road accidents involving pedestrians, but one of the most serious is a collision with a motor vehicle. The consequences of such an event can be profound for both parties in terms of physical and emotional damage. It is possible for pedestrians to become a fatality or suffer severe injury in traffic crashes, even at low speeds such as when vehicles are traveling at 30 mph or less. The risk of traumatic injury or fatality increases with the speed of the vehicle. The reason is that pedestrians are not protected from the force of the impact.

Long-Term Effects of Pedestrian Injuries in a Traffic Crash

After being hit by a motor vehicle, pedestrians are especially at risk for long-term health complications. A variety of physical and psychological impairments can be caused by chronic pain, cognitive issues and other factors. In addition to the trauma of their injury caused by the traffic collision, pedestrians may also face medical bills, lost wages and other losses. When a pedestrian suffers severe trauma, it is important to recover compensation, so they can afford ongoing treatment and to cover their outstanding losses.

Injured Pedestrians: How a Lawyer Can Help

You may be able to file a claim for damages if you were recently injured in a traffic crash as a pedestrian. You should be familiar with the laws and regulations that surround these types of claims as a claimant. You can benefit from the services of a lawyer if you want to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you may be entitled to and who will protect your rights.

Advantages of Working With An Accident Attorney

An accident attorney will help you ensure that your claim is filed correctly and on time when you work with them. Throughout the entire process, a lawyer can provide advice and guidance, helping to make sure no important details are overlooked. To ensure that you receive as much compensation as possible, a lawyer can communicate with insurance companies and investigators on your behalf.

A lawyer can assist you with determining what evidence you need for your case and help you present it in the best way possible. Legal counsel may also be provided regarding settlement offers and disputes arising from inaccuracies in an insurance company’s determination of liability or damages.

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