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Napa Pedestrian Injured in Accident

Crash Injures Napa Pedestrian

A Napa pedestrian suffered injuries during a vehicle accident that took place on Friday, February 21, 2020. Reports from California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicated that the crash took place at night and only involved the pedestrian and a single vehicle. Officials reported that the injured pedestrian suffered major trauma. No other individuals suffered injuries as a result of this crash.

Collision Details

CHP stated that this crash occurred at about 10:30 p.m. on Highway 29 close to the junction located at Imola Avenue. A 32-year-old Napa man was reportedly walking across the highway when he was struck by an oncoming Land Rover.

Police were notified immediately after the accident occurred and sent an emergency team to the crash site right away. Responders reaching the crash scene discovered the pedestrian had suffered severe trauma during the accident and had him rushed to the Queen of the Valley Medical Center to receive emergency treatment for his injuries. Updates on the injured man’s health have not yet been provided by hospital officials.


CHP has reported that they have officers actively investigating the factors that may have been involved in this car accident. Vehicle/pedestrian accidents are very common and can be caused by multiple factors, including many things outside of the control of both the pedestrian and the driver. Such factors commonly include dangerous roadway designs, inadequate street lighting, defective vehicle parts such as steering systems or brakes, and more.

Suffering a Severe Crash Injury

Pedestrians are very vulnerable and often suffer extreme injuries, even in accidents involving small vehicles traveling at low speeds. Because pedestrians aren’t protected by any vehicle safety features and typically aren’t wearing protective clothing like motorcyclists or bicyclists, they are liable to suffer a wide range of injuries that can dramatically affect their lives. Some of the most common serious injury types that pedestrians are liable to suffer include:

All of these accidents can range in severity from minor to fatal and can involve a very difficult process of recovery. In many cases, it takes crash survivors months or even years to fully recover their health after being seriously injured in a car crash.

Getting Help

Crash survivors can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of undergoing medical procedures, physical therapy, and medication use in order to recover. All of these things can be painful, as well as mentally stressful. Furthermore, recovering from an injury can also be expensive.

In order to make sure that you have the money you need to pay for your medical bills as well as cover damages like lost income, it’s critical to get help from a trusted Napa personal injury lawyer with experience working on severe injury cases.

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