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June 29, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident on East Imperial Highway Causes Multiple Injuries

A serious accident occurred near LAX airport on June 27, hospitalizing seven people and injuring 13 others in an LADOT bus crash. The accident occurred along East Imperial Highway, close to Aviation Boulevard, around 8:25 a.m. The multiple-casualty collision was responded to by officers with the El Segundo Police and fire departments as well as the LA fire department. 

Bus Rolls Over After Clipping Parked Semi in Bus Crash

According to information by Deena Lee, the fire chief at El Segundo, early information in the investigation suggests that the bus struck a parked semi-truck, where a scissor lift was being off-loaded. This collision caused the bus to experience a rollover. Serious injuries occurred to the truck driver, who was taken to a nearby hospital. It was not reported whether the truck driver was in the semi when the collision happened or was standing outside. 

Seven People Hospitalized After Bus Crash

One bus passenger had to be extricated by fire crews and was transported to a hospital in critical condition.  In total, there were seven people hospitalized, and three were listed in critical condition, including the semi-truck driver. An additional 13 were treated at the scene for minor or moderate trauma but did not require transport to a hospital. Authorities with the El Segundo Police Department are carrying out an investigation into the accident.

Tour Bus Safety

Despite a long-term push to add shoulder and seat belts to tour buses, many of them are still lacking these safety features. This is important when a bus is involved in a collision, especially since many of them experience a rollover. Some of the reasons a bus crash happens include:

  • Negligence by the driver: Speeding, texting while driving, fatigue and other forms of negligence by the driver can lead to a bus crash. Bus drivers are also held to certain hours of service, which might be violated. Neglecting to check the blind spots on a bus before making a left turn is another cause of accidents.
  • Company or governmental neglect of maintenance: A bus with worn tires, brakes or other poor maintenance can cause a bus crash. In these cases, the company or government entity that owns the bus can be liable for accident injuries or fatalities. In claims against a government entity, the injured party has six months to file. Otherwise, the case will not be heard in court. Engaging the help of an injury lawyer can ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Defective parts: Defective parts can lead to a bus crash, especially if it involves braking or steering. When an accident occurs with injuries, the injured parties may place a product liability claim against the manufacturer.
  • Recalls: Buses are sometimes subject to recall just as other vehicles are. If the company does not take care of the problem, it becomes another area where they may be liable. Some of the areas where recalls occur that can result in a serious accident, according to the Department of Transportation, include fuel system problems that can cause a fire, steering components, and faulty wiring. When a bus experiences a rollover, it can be extremely difficult for passengers to exit due to the vehicle’s design. If a fire occurs, it can result in serious burn injuries.   

Sacramento Bus Accident Lawyers

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