Pedestrian Fatality in Galt

Galt Pedestrian Fatality

Galt Pedestrian Fatality

I’m Ed Smith, a Galt Car Accident Lawyer. Anyone who has gotten behind the wheel of a motor vehicle understands that there are certain circumstances that can increase the chance of an auto accident developing. Factors include the experience of drivers, weather conditions,  safety of the vehicle, and even the design of the road. With another collision happening in Galt, this time resulting in a fatality, people are starting to ask the question why.

A Pedestrian was Involved

An elderly woman was killed after being struck by a motor vehicle at the intersection of A and 6th street. When the authorities arrived at the accident location, they immediately started trying to save her life. While the woman was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance, she eventually passed away due to her pedestrian injuries. There are a handful of common injuries that a pedestrian can sustain after being struck by a motor vehicle, including head and brain injuries, that are extremely serious and possibly life-threatening.

Not the First Galt Pedestrian Fatality

Every auto accident involving a pedestrian is a tragedy and, unfortunately, this is not the first one. While the investigation into this specific accident is still ongoing, there have been two other car accidents in the past year at this location. Someone sustained a minor injury in a daylight auto accident and there was also a hit and run car accident that occurred under the cover of darkness. Back in March of 2016, another Galt pedestrian fatality occured at the intersection of F and 4th street, not far from this current accident.

Why All of these Accidents?

When accidents occur at a higher rate than normal in a given geographic location, it is important for people to ask the question why. If the accident rate is high, there could be issues with the location that could be contributing to the accidents and, possibly, wrongful deaths. For example, the intersection could be set up in such a way that pedestrians are obstructed from view. Perhaps there needs to be a stoplight at that location if there isn’t one or, at the very least, a stop sign. It is important for the cause of the accidents to be investigated and, if necessary, action should be taken to reduce them.

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