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Davis Residents Injured in Fatal Southern California Crash

Fatal Southern California Crash Injures Davis Residents

California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that two people tragically passed away after a Southern California crash that took place on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. The two decedents have been identified as Jeffrey and Sheila Heffington, 60-year-old and 58-year-old residents of Chowchilla. In addition to the Heffington’s, four people from the city of Davis suffered severe injuries and were all hospitalized.

Crash Details

The crash happened at around 10:30 a.m. in Calaveras County on Highway 4 to the east of Pool Station Road. CHP stated that a 20-year-old Davis man had been driving east on the highway in a 2016 Lexus RX350 in the area of Angels Camp. At the same time, Jeffrey and Sheila Heffington were heading west on the same road in a 2019 Toyota Rav4, approaching the Lexus. As both of the vehicles entered a curve in the highway, the Lexus, for unknown reasons, traveled over the highway median and entered oncoming lanes, driving into the path of the oncoming Toyota.

The two vehicles collided head-on. After the initial crash, the Lexus traveled onto the northern highway shoulder and crashed into a traffic sign, causing the vehicle to overturn.


CHP immediately dispatched a response team to the crash scene after learning about the accident. Responders discovered that both occupants of the Toyota, as well as all four people in the Lexus, had suffered major injuries. All of the injured individuals were transported to a hospital via ambulance.

Tragically, Jeffrey and Sheila Heffington passed away while in hospital care. Updates on the conditions of the injured Davis residents have not been reported. Officials indicated that the Lexus passengers included one 20-year-old and two 19-year-olds.


Police are investigating this accident in order to find out what may have caused it. Investigators report that they do not believe DUI was an accident factor. According to traffic information, the highway was closed for around an hour, while police conducted a preliminary investigation of evidence at the accident site.

Many accidents like this one involve factors that drivers are unable to control. These can include things like dangerous roadway design or defective auto products. To make sure the accident is properly investigated, it’s important to reach out to a lawyer who knows how to launch their own collision investigation.

Rollover Accidents

Collisions that involve a rollover are more likely to cause serious or fatal trauma. This is largely because vehicle roofs are often not strong enough to withstand an impact, resulting in roof crush injuries. In these cases, the manufacturers of the vehicle are often able to be held responsible for medical bills and other damages.

Contacting an Attorney

The period of time directly after a major accident can be very difficult. Not only do people face tragic loss and/or serious injuries, but car accidents also often cause major financial issues. To make sure that your family receives the compensation that they deserve, it’s critical to reach out to an experienced, compassionate attorney who can help you hold negligent parties responsible.

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