What is a Comminuted Femur Fracture?

What is a Comminuted Femur Fracture?

Comminuted Femur Fracture

Comminuted Femur Fracture. Operating a motor vehicle grants people a significant level of independence. It gives someone the ability to move quickly and easily from place to place. On the other hand, this also comes with a significant amount of responsibility. While nobody starts their day believing that they are going to be involved in a serious car accident, they can occur when people least expect them. Some of the statistics that have been published by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration include:

  • In 2016, the number of fatalities on the roads in the United States rose by close to 2,000.
  • In total, there were close to 38,000 people killed in car accidents in 2016.
  • Fatalities increased from 2015 to 2016 for sedans, pickup trucks, tractor trailers, bicycles, and motorcycles.

These statistics demonstrate that serious accidents can occur at any time and some of them can even lead to fatalities. Even for those who aren’t killed, they could develop serious injuries which may lead to complications that last the rest of their life. One of these injuries is a comminuted femur fracture.

Type of Fracture: Comminuted Femur Fracture

When someone has been diagnosed with a femur fracture, it is important to classify the injury properly. Proper classification is important because it gives both doctors and the individual some information regarding the severity of the injury and the possible treatment options. A comminuted femur fracture means that:

  • The thigh bone has been fractured.
  • The bone has been broken in more than one place.
  • Often, the bone has splintered into several pieces.
  • The fracture is likely displaced and could even be open.

Clearly, this is a serious injury and is the medical term used to describe a “shattered” femur. This requires a tremendous amount of force to occur, such as falling from a roof, being involved in a severe car accident, or a pedestrian vs. auto injury.

Treatment of a Comminuted Fracture of the Femur

A comminuted fracture of the femur needs to be addressed quickly. The bone fragments that have been splintered could cause serious complications, such as:

  • Damage to nearby nerves
  • Slicing through important arteries and nerves
  • Possible risks of infection
  • Blood loss

Ultimately, a comminuted fracture will require surgery to repair. The bone fragments need to be identified so that the femur can be fixed. Then, physical therapy will be necessary so that the person can learn how to walk again.

Watch YouTube Video: The Best Gym Exercises to Recover from a Broken Femur: Exercise & Workout Tips. This short video demonstrates a few exercises that you can do after recovering from a femur fracture.

Assistance from a Friendly Lawyer

The recovery process following a comminuted fracture of the femur can be long and arduous. It could place families under a significant amount of stress. This can come from:

  • Hospital bills
  • Missed time from work
  • Property damage
  • Insurance issues

For help with these problems, families should meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. A trained legal adviser knows how to review accidents to ensure that no details are overlooked. Don’t be nervous about asking for help because you and your family could receive financial compensation.

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