Witnesses Sought in Yuba County Motorcycle Crash

Yuba County Motorcycle Crash Occurs on Highway 70

Authorities are seeking witnesses in a Yuba County motorcycle crash that occurred on November 25. The accident caused injuries to Yuba City resident Carl Grimes, age 68. The accident happened along Highway 70 northbound when two motorcycles traveling in front of Grimes crashed in the center divider area. 

Rider Suffers Major Injuries in Yuba County Motorcycle Crash

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers said several motorcycles and a car were present at the scene when they arrived. However, they fled the scene along with the two motorcyclists who had crashed. The CHP reported that Grimes tried to brake but lost control of his motorcycle, was thrown off, and sustained major injuries. 

Authorities Seeking Witnesses to Major Injury Motorcycle Crash

Although police talked to two witnesses, they are seeking others who saw the collisions or left the accident scene. The CHP traffic accident investigators can be contacted at (530) 645-6200 or by calling (530) 332-1200. 

Determining Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

Injury lawyers use various techniques to determine fault in a motorcycle accident. Once fault has been determined, the at-fault party/parties may be liable for injuries. Some of the investigative techniques used are:

  • As part of our investigation, our investigators inspect the accident scene and look for physical evidence, such as road damage, metal and plastic pieces that fell from the vehicle, and paint scraps. 
  • We talk to accident witnesses, who explain what they saw and sometimes filmed the Yuba County motorcycle crash on their cellphones.
  • We review the police report to ensure the contents are accurate and complete.
  • The investigators use accident reconstruction techniques to show how the collision occurred.
  • Area surveillance cameras are inspected for video footage of the Yuba County motorcycle crash. 
  • Our attorneys use the evidence to build a strong case to present to the at-fault party’s insurance company or be used in court. 

Personal Injury Compensation Recovery 

When it has been determined who was negligent and caused the accident, the injured party can place a personal injury claim to recover compensation, including:

  • Medical costs caused by the accident are recoverable from hospitalization and ambulance fees to surgeries, doctors’ bills, medications and rehabilitation afterward.
  • Wages lost because of the injury accident are recoverable, including pension and insurance, bonuses, tips and others. If permanent disability occurs, wages are recoverable until retirement age.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering includes both the physical and emotional effects of the accident. 

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Yuba City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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