Yuba City Car Accident Data 2018

Yuba City Car Accident Data 2018

Yuba City is the seat of the government of Sutter County and is one of the area’s most highly populated cities. The population of Yuba City alone makes up more than one-third of the entire population of both Yuba and Sutter Counties. With such a large number of people living and working nearby, Yuba City is no stranger to vehicle traffic. Unfortunately, where there is traffic, accidents almost always happen. The city has seen a number of car accidents over the past decade, and many of them have resulted in traumatic or even fatal injuries. While many collisions are outside of drivers’ control, drivers are able to reduce their risk of being hurt during a crash by learning information about how accidents tend to happen on roadways in their area.

Collision Overview

Research published by the University of California states that Yuba City was the site of 3,091 total traumatic car accidents between December 31, 2006, and January 1, 2018. The majority of these accidents involved standard passenger vehicles, large trucks, or both. Motorcycle accidents accounted for about five percent of the city’s crashes while bicyclists were involved in around nine percent. About seven percent of traumatic collisions involved one or more roadway pedestrians.

Just under a third of these collisions occurred on a state-operated highway within Yuba City while the remaining two-thirds happened on municipal roadways. Additionally, the city had a ratio of about 21 residents per injury-causing collision, a rate that slightly exceeds that for the whole area of Sutter County.


Throughout 3,091 accidents, 4,327 people suffered non-fatal trauma, and 22 were fatally injured during these collisions. Out of the non-fatal injuries, around 70 percent were not visibly harmed but complained of pain to responders. Slightly more than one-quarter suffered a non-severe but visible injury while just over four percent were left with severe trauma.

In comparison with the county, injuries in Yuba City were relatively less severe. Notably, the fatality rate for Sutter County crashes that occurred outside of Yuba City was around three times higher. This means that while more accidents took place within the city, they were less likely to be fatal.

Common Violations

Speeding was the most dangerous traffic violation in Yuba County during the time period in question. This violation was the cause of 954 total accidents, which was nearly double the number of wrecks caused by the next-most-common factor, right-of-way violations. Other factors frequently listed as the primary cause of accidents included violating signals and signs, making dangerous turns, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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