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Yuba City Auto Accident Statistics

Yuba City Auto Accident Statistics

Auto Accident Statistics in Yuba City

I’m Ed Smith, a Yuba City car accident lawyer. Yuba City serves as the seat of the Sutter County government and is one of the most populous cities in the region. The population of Yuba City accounts for well over one-third of the Yuba metropolitan area, which includes all of Yuba and Sutter counties. With so many people residing and working in the area, Yuba City sees a relatively high amount of local and commuter traffic. As with any area that has vehicle traffic, the city is the site of numerous car accidents that result in traumatic injuries. While some accidents are unavoidable, drivers can reduce their risk of being involved in a severe crash by learning about where and why collisions happen in their area.

Accident Overview

Data from reports published by UC Berkeley earlier this year shows that Yuba City saw a total of 3091 injury-related accidents reported during the 11 years between January 1, 2007, and December 31, 2017. Most of these crashes involved only commercial trucks, standard passenger cars, or both. However, 274 (8.9 percent) involved bicyclists, 218 (7.1 percent) involved roadway pedestrians, and 154 (5 percent) included one or more motorcycles.

Just less than one-third (986) of the injury crashes in Yuba City happened on a state highway inside of city limits while the rest took place on municipal roads. Additionally, Yuba City saw about one traumatic crash for every 21 residents, a slightly higher rate than that of Sutter County.

Crash Severity

Across 3091 crashes, 4327 people received non-fatal injuries, and 22 more lost their lives as a result of an accident. Of those who were not fatally injured, around 70 percent did not receive visible injuries while just over 25 percent suffered non-severe visible injuries. Finally, about 4.3 percent of non-fatal injuries were considered serious by responders.

Injuries tended to be more severe outside of Yuba City proper. Notably, the rate of fatal injuries in Sutter County crashes was about three times higher than that of the city itself.

Traffic Violations

Driving over the speed limit was the most commonly reported cause of Yuba City’s traumatic collisions and was listed as the number one factor in 954 accidents. After speeding, right-of-way violations were most common, causing 557 crashes. Other common factors included sign violations, dangerous turning, and DUI.

Dangerous Intersections

These local intersections have seen a high rate of traumatic wrecks:

  • The Colusa Highway, Stabler Lane, and Walton Avenue interchange
  • Bridge Street at State Route 99
  • Butte House Road at Stabler Lane
  • Bridge Street at Shasta Street
  • Bridge Street and Walton Avenue
  • Colusa Avenue at Plumas Street
  • Bridge Street at Plumas Street

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