Workers Comp Death Benefits in California

It can be overwhelming when your loved one dies in  a workplace accident.  In addition to the immense sorrow and struggle to meet each new day,  you wonder how you and   your family will  financially survive.

People die in workplace accidents from various causes.


Some of the cases we have handled over the years are:


Vehicle  related workplace deaths

Severe burns and electrocutions

Deaths by crushing or collapse of ditching

Forklift accidents

Falls from heights

Hazardous material and radiation exposure

In California the workers comp system provides death benefits that can help to some extent.

A workers compensation attorney can help you in this area.


Who can apply for workers compensation death benefits?

Typically, a victim’s spouse will be entitled to death benefits until she dies or remarries.

Additionally, funeral and burial benefits up to $10,000 can be recovered.

Children can receive benefits until they are 18. Additionally, people who were dependent on the deceased worker for partial or total financial support can usually recover. Disabled Children may be able to recover much longer.

I’m attaching here a very good video by a Southern California attorney that explains well the workers compensation

death benefits available.

The amount of workers compensation generally is provided in the Department of Industrial relations website below.


Ther Workers Compensation System can be complicated and an experienced Sacramento Workers Compensation Lawyer

can help.

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