Fatal Car Accident on Buena Vista Drive and M Street in Merced

Woman Killed in Car Crash on M Street

The Merced Police Department is investigating whether street racing contributed to a car crash that killed a 67-year-old woman on M Street. The motor vehicle collision took place on October 26, 2022, at the intersection of Buena Vista Drive and M Street, according to Merced PD.

Details on the Car Crash on M Street That Killed a Woman

A preliminary report revealed that a woman driving a Nissan Altima, 67-year-old Frances Palm of Merced, entered the intersection and was allegedly struck by a Chevrolet Camaro. Sadly, Ms. Palm succumbed to her injuries.

Officials indicated that the incident occurred near an elementary school. Students were redirected as a way of preventing them from viewing the wreckage. Merced PD believes street racing played a role in the fatal car accident. Additional information on the crash was not immediately available.

What Losses are Recoverable in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Only certain relatives have priority to file a wrongful death case against a party or entity responsible for the loss of their loved one. In general, those include direct family members like the spouse, domestic partner, or children, per CCP 377.60. Some exceptions apply, specifically if these relationships are non-existent. Under such circumstances, the parents, putative spouse, stepchildren, and other relatives who depended on the decedent for financial support may be eligible to seek economic and non-economic damages. Recoverable losses may include:

  • Medical Bills: If the deceased survived for a short time before succumbing to accident-related injuries, the family may be left with medical debt. Close relatives may seek reimbursement for end-of-life care in a survival action.
  • Funeral Costs: The loss of a loved one is often accompanied by unexpected funeral service costs. Given that final resting service expenses can be costly, the family member who paid for them may seek reimbursement.
  • Loss of Future Financial Support: If the decedent was the primary provider of the household, surviving family members who depended on them for financial support may claim this economic damage in their wrongful death case. This may include the earnings the decedent would have made if not for the fatal car accident.
  • Loss of Care, Companionship, and Protection: This non-economic damage addresses the intangible harm that survivors have experienced because of a loved one’s absence in their lives. Surviving family members may have been deprived of the protection, companionship, and care the deceased brought them.
  • Loss of Parental Support and Guidance: The decedent may have left children who depended on them for guidance and support. This type of compensation helps children move forward when they are missing a key piece of their family, a parent that meant so much to them.
  • Mental Anguish: Damages for mental anguish consider the trauma, fear, depression, anxiety, and grief that surviving family members have endured because of the unexpected loss of their loved one.

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