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July 07, 2021
Edward Smith

Watercraft Accident Near Tiscornia Park Seriously Injures a Young Woman

A young woman in her 20s was hospitalized with serious injuries on July 5 following a jet ski accident with a boat on the Sacramento River. The accident occurred during the early afternoon close to Tiscornia Park. The woman riding the jet ski was reportedly pulled onboard the boat following the collision. 

Injured Woman Transported to Trauma Hospital

Captain Keith Wade reported that a rescuer with the Sacramento Fire Department took a water bike to the boat and began life-saving measures. Injuries to the woman are said to be significant, and she was transported to a trauma center.

Incidence of Jet Ski Accidents

Out of about 12 million recreational vessels registered in the country, 1.5 million are jet skis. Unfortunately, about 20 percent of the accidents involving recreational vessels involve jet skis. Some of the main causes of an accident on a jet ski include:

  • Design of the jet ski: Poor design can easily lead to a jet ski accident, especially when the rider has little experience handling one. Many jet skis are not equipped with brakes, and the rider has to speed up to make a turn, which can cause them to lose control. When poor design is responsible for a jet ski injury, our engineers can examine the vessel to determine this, and a claim can be placed against the designer, manufacturer and others in the production line through filing a product liability lawsuit.
  • Inexperience: Many people rent their jet skis while on vacation and have no experience operating one. This lack of experience can cause a jet ski accident.
  • Life jackets: Those who rent a jet ski may not have the opportunity to also use a life jacket even though they can help protect the rider from injury or drowning. Not all rental companies offer them.
  • Weather: Poor weather conditions, choppy water, and other problems can cause a rider to lose control and become injured.
  • Other boaters: People who are drinking while operating a boat or other water vessel can become negligent, which can cause a jet ski accident. When another person on the water is responsible for an accident injury, they can be held liable with the help of a personal injury attorney.
  • Mechanical defects: A defect in the jet ski such as an engine fire or faulty brake can lead to an accident. The manufacturer can be held responsible for any injuries or fatalities when a defect is the problem through a product liability lawsuit.

Injuries That Occur During a Jet Ski Accident

Injuries that can occur in a collision while on a jet ski or after being ejected include:

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