Why Motorcyclists Are Injured and Killed in Folsom

Why Motorcyclists Are Injured and Killed in Folsom

Why Motorcyclists Are Injured and Killed in Folsom

I’m Ed Smith, a Folsom motorcycle accident attorney. Visibility and stability are both factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents and resulting injuries and deaths. According to government statistics in 2015, a motorcycle rider is 29 times more likely to be killed in a crash than someone in a motor vehicle. Current trends show that while the number of individuals killed in passenger vehicles has become much lower since about 2000, deaths of motorcycle riders has held relatively steady since 2009.

Major Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. Following are some of the most common reasons for motorcycle crashes.

  • Vehicles turning left in front of a motorcycle cause around 42 percent of all accidents. A common reason by the driver is that they did not see the motorcyclist.
  • Speeding by both motorcyclists and drivers makes staying in control at higher speeds difficult. It also makes it harder for a motorcycle rider to stop and increases the danger of an accident on sharp curves or when hitting a patch of gravel or debris.
  • Lane splitting, although legal in California, can cause an accident when a motorcycle is too close to a motor vehicle.
  • Lane changing by automobiles causes accidents when the driver does not check for motorcyclists or one is riding in a blind spot.
  • Roadway hazards such as potholes, cracks in the pavement, spilled gravel and other irregularities can cause a motorcycle accident.
  • Drunk driving is a consistent problem with both drivers of motor vehicles and motorcycles. It causes problems with cognitive ability, judgment, and coordination as well as affecting vision.
  • A driver who is parked on the side and opens a car door without checking for oncoming traffic can cause a severe accident with a motorcyclist. Besides staying alert for this, a motorcyclist who slows down first when a crash becomes inevitable may lower the risk of injury.
  • Animals near or in the roadway cause numerous accidents each year, both with motorcycle riders and other motorists. The only way to avoid this type of accident is to stay alert and control speed, so an emergency maneuver can be made when necessary.

Common Factors Among Motorcyclist Fatalities

A study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports what factors are most common in motorcycle accidents that result in fatalities. These are:

  • 60 percent of the casualties in motorcycle accidents occurred in a collision with multiple motor vehicles in 2016. The remaining 40 percent happened in single-vehicle crashes.
  • The age of motorcycle riders who died in crashes began to increase in the 1980s as older Americans started riding. In 2016, 36 percent of fatalities were to those who were 50 or older, 29 percent were age 29 or younger.
  • 61 percent of those who were killed were wearing helmets at the time, while only 44 percent of the passengers were.
  • In 2016, more fatalities occurred when riders were on bikes with engines of 1,400ccs.
  • The highest number of fatalities were reported in motorcyclists who were riding touring bikes with 1,400cc motors at 90 percent.
  • Fatalities were highest in those who were 50 years of age or older.
  • 62 percent of motorcyclist fatalities occurred on major roads.

Folsom Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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