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October 14, 2022
Edward Smith

Motorcycles vs. Cars: 10 Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better

Motorcycle lovers agree that riding a bike brings peace to your mind, body, and soul. Whether riding with friends or solo, many benefits come with owning a motorcycle. Riding a bike generates a feeling of freedom that is hard to create with a car. Although both cars and motorcycles are reliable forms of transportation, many bike lovers would argue that a motorcycle offers more indisputable benefits. The list below reveals 10 reasons motorcycles are better than cars.

1. Motorcycles Are Less Expensive

When considering the cost of a motorcycle vs. a car, owning a bike is much cheaper. The average retail cost of a new bike ranges from $5000 to $10,000. Anyone who has bought a car, truck, or van knows that a vehicle base model starts way above that price point. If you are looking for a motor vehicle that can get you from point A to point B, a motorcycle seems to be the cheaper option.

2. Motorcycles Retain Better Resale Value

While resale value can depend on the bike’s style, make, and model, motorcycles typically retain their value much better than cars and are easier to resell. This is likely due to the fewer miles these bikes usually rack up.

Brands such as BMW, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, and other styles, including sports, dual sports, and cruiser motorcycles, retain the best value.

Whether committed to life-long riding or short-term due to a mid-life crisis, your investment will likely retain more excellent value than any car when you upgrade or sell your bike.

3. Motorcycles Have Better Gas Mileage

Motorcycles get more miles per gallon than most cars. While a fuel-efficient car may get 30 miles a gallon, most motorcycles get far more. Depending on the type of gas you put in your engine, a bike can get 35-40 miles per gallon on average.

You can also save on gas by sticking to energy-saving rules such as reducing your braking, ensuring proper inflation of tires, and avoiding quick acceleration.

4. Motorcycles Have a Lower Environmental Impact

Production of motorcycles requires fewer resources and less fuel, making most motorcycles more eco-friendly than cars. With better gas mileage, motorcyclists can get to places with less environmental impact than oversized and gas-guzzling vehicles. Bikes also have a less damaging effect on aging infrastructure and bridges.

5. Motorcycles Are Easier To Fix

Regular maintenance is critical to your vehicle’s health. The upkeep cost on a motorcycle is much lower than on a car. As more vehicles get produced with a greater emphasis on technology, motorcycles have remained reasonably essential and, therefore, easier to work on.

The engine’s size and placement make simple chain adjustments or oil changes easily accessible. In a mechanic’s world, easy means leaner on your wallet.

6. Motorcycles Are Smaller

When it comes to space-saving, compact cars have nothing on a motorcycle. Motorcycles can fit in a small garage, and several bikes can easily fit in most garages. With their slim design, motorcycles will leave you more space in your garage for other household items.

With a smaller footprint, parking is easier and more accessible, especially in downtown areas with limited parking spaces between vehicles. Some locations even have parking spots specifically for motorcycles.

7. Motorcycles Are Customizable

If you are not into standard motorcycles, getting a custom bike may be better for you. Many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy customizing a bike that reflects their personality and suits their unique needs. Customize any bike part you want, including paint jobs, heated handles, exhaust pipes, or lighting. Your ideas are endless and sure to turn heads at the next bike rally.

8. Physical Health Benefits

While many non-bike riders think that motorcycles are dangerous, riding a bike can benefit one’s physical health. You may not acquire a six-pack you’ve been working so hard to get at the gym, but there are other benefits. Riding a motorcycle burns calories because it takes energy to maintain balance and move through the turns.

New research shows riding a motorcycle can offer these six healthy outcomes:

  • Stronger thighs and knees
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Core strength
  • Neck strength
  • Calorie burning
  • Increases overall cognitive functioning

9. Mental Health Benefits

We all encounter stress daily, and we deal with it differently. Hopping on your bike might be the easiest way to leave stress behind. Getting outside and connecting with nature can help your head space.

Motorcycles allow you to experience the great outdoors more freely. The fresh air and wind in your face can be the best way to let go of stress and turn your mind elsewhere. Thrill-seekers say you don’t get that in a vehicle when considering which is more exciting for cruising the open road, a car or a motorcycle.

10. Part of the Motorcycle Community

The motorcycle community is incredibly tight-knit. The opportunities to connect with other motorcycle enthusiasts are endless, from riding with your friends to joining a motorcycle group. For many, the thrill of meeting up with other like-minded individuals and chit-chatting about motorbikes is social bliss. This makes motorcycling both a hobby and a form of transportation.

Whatever the reason, motorcycles are loved by millions of people worldwide. At AutoAccident.com, our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys understand all your reasons for riding and support motorcyclists in their time of need.

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