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April 17, 2019
Edward Smith

When Surgery is Needed for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the most common problems that people face. Sometimes, the pain is only temporary but it could also lead to a surgical procedure. Other times, the pain gets better briefly with rest or medication only to return a short time later with all of its force and fury. There are multiple ways in which someone might develop shoulder pain, particularly in a traumatic accident. A few of these include:

  • A fall from a bicycle in an accident that involves bracing an extended arm.
  • A direct blow to the shoulder that might be sustained in a slip and fall accident.
  • A penetrating wound of the shoulder in an auto accident.

Regardless of the mechanism of the injury, shoulder pain could be serious. There are several different treatment options that a physician might recommend. These could range from physical therapy to medications and even shoulder injections. Another option is often surgery.

Reasons for Surgery: Failure of Other Treatment Options

One of the first reasons that a doctor might recommend surgery for shoulder pain is the failure of other treatment options to improve the individual’s quality of life. Doctors are always going to start with the least risky treatment options because they want to balance the benefits of the treatment against their risk. Some of the more conservative treatment options might include:

  • Medication management with Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or even narcotic pain medication options.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder.
  • Injections into the joint space to try and dull the pain.

If all of these options fail, then surgery might be recommended.

The Extent of the Damage to the Shoulder

If the individual has no use in the shoulder at all, the doctor is going to order imaging to get a better picture of what might be inside the joint space. This could include x-rays, CT scans, or an MRI. If the images from the inside of the shoulder look like there is a lot of damage, then surgery might be recommended. This could be torn muscles, damaged ligaments, entrapped nerves, or even bone spurs. These will not get better without an invasive procedure.

The Desire for Improved Function

The surgeon will consider the individual’s desire for improved function. Simply put, some people need their shoulder more than others. For example, if an individual has a torn rotator cuff, the doctor might recommend surgery to one person but not to another. The individual who needs that rotator cuff to do his job and put food on the table will need surgery. An elderly person who does not do any heavy lifting may not need that rotator cuff, so surgery would be an unnecessary risk.

Watch YouTube Video: When Shoulder Pain Leads to Surgery.  The following video explains the causes and treatment options for shoulder pain and when you may need surgery.

Contacting an Injury Attorney

If a loved one requires surgery for an injury that he or she suffered in an accident, this can be a stressful time for a family. Surgical procedures can create a feeling of uncertainty around both the financial impacts of the operation and the prognosis for recovery. Therefore, it is important for families to ask for help. This starts by working with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the ways an injury attorney can help include:

  • The ability to review the records from the accident and the injury to ensure that any and all details have been considered to the fullest extent possible.
  • Access to professionals in the field of accident reconstruction who can paint a better picture of exactly what happened at the scene.
  • The pursuit of damages that are related to shoulder pain, the surgery, and even emotional pain and suffering.
  • Moving a case to trial when needed.

Families need to remember that they are not alone after a serious accident. There is always a trained professional willing to help. Meet with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer today. You could be owed a financial reward.

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