Wheelchair User Injured in Sacramento Traffic Crash

Sacramento Traffic Crash on Fruitridge Road Injures Disabled Person

A Sacramento traffic crash involving a pedestrian in a wheelchair occurred on September 13. The incident happened around 9:09 p.m. along Fruitridge Road between Stockton Boulevard and 49th Street when a pickup collided with the wheelchair user, which was reported by the Highway Patrol in California(CHP). Medics with the Sacramento Fire Department performed CPR on the wheelchair user, who was then transported to UC Davis Medical Center. 

Cause of Sacramento Traffic Crash Investigation Ongoing

No update has been provided on the condition of the injured person. An investigation is underway by CHP traffic accident detectives to determine how the accident occurred and to place fault.

Traffic Accidents Involving Wheelchair Users

Research shows that wheelchair users are more likely to be involved in a crash, including a Sacramento traffic crash. This could be due to a number of reasons, including:

  • There are many roads, sidewalks and intersections that are not accessible to people in wheelchairs. For example, lack of usable cut curbs or street lights mounted on a sidewalk can prevent the disabled from using the area. One way people in wheelchairs deal with areas that are impassible is to travel in the street since they have no other option. In addition, mobility vans are expensive, and the wheelchair may be the user’s only option to get around. 
  • Drivers are less likely to see people in wheelchairs than other pedestrians, which can result in a Sacramento traffic crash. 
  • The sound of approaching traffic may be difficult to hear for wheelchair users. The problem is especially pronounced if the person is using a manual wheelchair, as they may be focused on propelling themselves forward and have no vision of vehicles coming up from behind them.
  • The maneuvering of a wheelchair out of the path of an oncoming vehicle can be challenging. The situation is particularly troubling if the wheelchair lacks power assistance wheels or if the person has difficulty using their upper body strength.
  • People in wheelchairs often have a difficult time sharing the road with drivers who don’t know how to do it. When driving near someone in a wheelchair, drivers may not be aware that wheelchair users may need extra space and move slowly.

Driver-Related Injuries

Drivers may be held responsible for pedestrian injuries when they are negligent and cause a Sacramento traffic crash. With the help of an accident attorney, the injured person can file a personal injury claim. The following types of damages are possible:

  • Medical costs caused by the accident, from the ambulance to hospital and physician bills to rehabilitation
  • Lost earnings because the injured individual was unable to work
  • Pain and suffering caused by the accident, including emotional trauma
  • Replacement cost of a new wheelchair or other devices now needed

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